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How Our Students Support


The Academy believes that it is very important to have some sort of input from Students when new teachers are being interviewed who want to come to work at the Academy.  This is even more vital for the more Senior posts such as Heads of department, Heads of Year and Leadership posts.

Recently there have been a number of interviews taking place and students have been involved in a variety of ways:

  • Classes being taught by the candidates being interviewed, so their teaching can be observed
  • Candidates being shown around on a ‘Tour’ of the school by students who chat with them and feedback  what they felt about the teachers
  • Student Interview panels – a panel of students who formally interview the candidates and their views and preferences are reported back to the principal before he makes any decisions

The Student Interview Panels have been extremely successful in ‘picking’ the right person for the job.  Student panels preferred the candidates who were actually appointed in 3 recent interviews-Head of Year 12, Head of Year 13 and Head of Science – so it looks as though they are very good at selecting the right people for the job.

Next year Mrs Lane will be looking to make these ‘Student Interview Panel’ positions more formal and give the students involved some training – so watch out for this in assemblies.