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Student Leadership


Welcome to Student Leadership at Aylward Academy where every student has a voice

At Aylward Academy we believe that students should be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills in preparation for life beyond the Academy. Our students are given a range of opportunities to take on leadership roles at the Academy. 6th form students are given the opportunity to work alongside our staff at crucial times during the Academy day to ensure students are safe and being monitored at all times. Many Student Leadership activities will focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, supporting the school’s aim to be a place where everyone enjoys learning and is creative, finding solutions and embracing their responsibilities. Other students will have a say in the food our students eat on a daily basis, others will oversee the behaviour policies.

We want our students to feel a part of the wider community of the Academy which in turn makes the students have more ownership over their learning and Academy life preparing them to become better citizens.

The Impact of Student Leadership:
  • Allows students to feel as though they are part of the school community and have an input to the running of the Academy 
  • Younger students within the Academy aspire to have the responsibilities and represent the Academy in a positive manner 
  • Allows students to take responsibility and make decisions for the wider needs of the Academy 
  • Students have more control over decisions, for example the toilets design and colour and the company that supplies our Academies catering on a daily basis 
  • Grows student confidence 
  • Encourages leadership 
  • Older student experience of being at the Academy will support future decisions 
  • Allows more presence around the Academy at key times in the day 
  • Allows curriculum leaders the opportunity to monitor and evaluate their faculty through a different medium
  • Allows students to comment on their learning to key curriculum leaders and strategies of how to move forward 
  • Student Voice is the individual and collective perspective and actions of different groups of student within our Academy who meet on a regular basis 
  • Some students choose to be more, actively involved or passively involved 
  • Older students use their knowledge and wisdom to lead and support younger students within the academy
Students Opinions: 

Abdirahman A.
Being a Student Leader has given me the chance to be involved in putting forward ideas that my form has had.
As a Leader I have learnt that it is a big responsibility to be a form rep as I had to put the ideas of my form out there.
The most enjoyable part of being a Student Leader is that I have had the chance to give my opinion.
I would recommend being a student leader as it can help you to gain leadership skills.

Dawid K.
I have taken over as a form rep because I feel like I could deliver what is expected and show others what a student leader does.
Being a Student Leader would have a positive effect on my CV in the future and is also teaches others what being an exceptional student is. These are the reasons why I would recommend being a Student Leader.

Arestina V.
As a Student Leader I have been involved in the ‘Health and Safety & Catering group’ within the school. I also participate in translating for people who come to the Academy. I am a Student Leader as well as a form rep.
Being a Student Leader has helped me learn leadership and communication skills with other students. I have also developed other skills along the way.
Within this role I have enjoyed feeling like I have made an impact to the Academy and students. I also like making a change and doing something with the school.
I would recommend being a Student Leader to everyone as it would look good on my CV but also because it is a good experience and there is something for everyone to do.

Arzum S.
As a Student Leader I have been involved in doing things such as being a form Rep.
I have learned that being a form rep can be hard but it is also a very nice experience. It’s nice for people to share their thoughts and ideas about the school with me.
Having to make changes and having little meetings with the rest of the Brunel reps are the two things I have enjoyed the most.
I recommend being a Student Leader to other students because it’s really fun to communicate with other Brunel reps and to share our ideas with each other.