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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium at Aylward Academy

We have been very pleased with our results this year and the progress Pupil Premium students have made.

At Aylward Academy we have used Pupil Premium to develop resources in different subject areas, fund equipment for students and provide staff to run provision to ensure that our students are successful.

Some funding was used to fund the Maths residentials which were hugely successful in improving grades in Year 11. The Maths faculty also used a tutor to work 1:1 with students who were on a borderline grade. This Year Maths improved with 60% of students making at least expected progress in the subject. 

To encourage reading and develop literacy skills interventions staff have been helping to run the Lexia programme being offered to students. This led to an improvement in Reading Age of at least 9 months for those students on the programme.

The Art faculty bought in time with a local artist to develop skills of GCSE students and to improve coursework marks. All students in this project showed an improved coursework grade by the end of the Academic year.

This Academic Year we have used Pupil Premium funding to support in PE. A table tennis coach worked with GCSE students in Years 10 and 11 who in turn have been coaching student in lower years. The students also benefitted in being able to gain marks on the GCSE paper.

Alpha students had a fabulous time on their residential which was funded by pupil premium money.

The attendance team have encouraged students by being able to offer free breakfasts. Students with this intervention saw a 70% improvement in both attendance and punctuality.

What is the Pupil Premium Grant?

The Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is additional funding that is allocated to schools in order to narrow the attainment gap between pupils from the groups below and their peers.  The funding at Aylward is used with pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 in the following groups: 

  • Low income families who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) - including those pupils registered for FSM in the last six years known as FSM Ever 6
  • Children with parents in the armed forces
  • Looked after Children (CLA) for 1 day or more
  • are adopted
  • Children who leave care under a Special Guardianship Order or a Residence Order 

Year 7 Catch Funding click here

Schools can spend the funding as they see fit, and from September 2012 we have published on-line information about how the funding is used.


The Pupil Premium Grant at Aylward Academy

Academic Year

Number on Roll

% Eligible for PPG


2014/2015 (Jan census)




2013/2014 (Jan census)




2012/2013 (Jan census)









How the PPG is used at Aylward Academy


·         Extended English team

·         Extended Maths provision and team

·         Reduced class sizes in Maths

·         Lexia Literacy Programme

·         Accelerated Reader Programme

·         Attendance and EWO support

·         Educational Psychologist Support

·         Behaviour Support Service Support

·         Full time Counselling and Therapy for students

·         One to One tuition

·         Careers Support

·         Funding School Uniform

·         Funding Breakfast Club

·         Subsidised places on school trips

·         Two Bridges internal support programme

·         HLTA and TA appointments

·         Year 11 Booster and Masterclass programme

·         Breakfast revision club for Year 10 & Year 11

Results over time