The Aylward Academy Nurture Department (2016)

If you, or your child’s primary school teachers, have any of the above concerns, your child may be placed in the Nurture Class.

The Nurture Department is part of the Interventions Faculty at AA, under the overall leadership of the Head of Interventions (SENDCo).

It is run by the Nurture Lead Teacher (Head of Nurture) who is supported by a small team of Teaching Assistants.

Y7 students are usually offered a place in the Nurture Class on the recommendation of:

  • their Primary school teacher(s)
  • their parents/carers
  • the Year 6/7 Transition Coordinators – primary and secondary based

The Nurture Class:

  • Is a mixed ability class of 10 to 12 students;
  • is taught the same academic subjects as the rest of Y7;
  • caters for the developmental needs of the students;
  • is taught by specialist subject teachers;
  • spend (approximately) two thirds of their lesson time with the Nurture Lead Teacher (currently their English and Humanities Lessons);
  • Provides a safe, nurturing environment, which eases the transition from primary to secondary school.
Most students will be ready to move to mainstream classes by the end of Y7 (or during the course of the year). Provision is made for the few students who need continued support into Year 8.