(More / Most able students)

MABLE is defined in Ofsted Report March 2015 as children who reach a Level 5 or above in English, Maths and Science in Year 6.

It is our aim to ensure that MABLE students reach their potential and achieve their expected A*- B grades when they sit their final examinations.

Throughout the year we will track, monitor and provide ‘challenge’ for your child in order to support and accelerate their learning.

What is a MABLE?

MABLE students are children who reach a Level 5 or above in English, Maths and Science in Year 6. These students are then placed on a ‘MABLE school register’. This is distributed to all staff in order to ensure full academic progress is made. The progress of your child is recorded and monitored by the ‘Additionality Team’ and MABLE champions .If a student is underachieving, intervention strategies will be put into place to support them and parents/guardians will be notified.

MABLE Vision

At Aylward Academy we want to provide a stimulating environment where the MABLE students feel ‘Happy to Learn’. Whether this means, being the class leader and facilitating the learning of others, playing the expert, researching ahead of topic/theme in preparation for the next lesson, working on a independent project or consolidating their learning each day at home. We want them to enjoy their learning, think deeply and become even more curious to learn.
Culture of Challenge 
  • It is the responsible of all Aylward staff to close the attainment gap for MABLE students and to ensure our children achieve 4 levels of progress and achieve the A grades.
  • Classroom teachers will provide challenging lessons
  • Tutors ‘check in’ with the MABLE students in their form getting them to think about what they can do to improve.
  • Additionality Team and the MABLE champions supported by the subject curriculum leaders will monitor students progress
  • MABLE students will reflect, engage and take ownership of their learning by writing action plans with their parents/ guardians.

Mable Provision at Aylward
  • Challenge is at the heart of all our lessons. It is our philosophy is to ‘Teach from the Top’ and to embed strategies for cognitive thinking in all our lesson plans.
  • Ensuring that appropriate opportunities are put into place for students to progress in line with their abilities, rather than their age.
  • Regularly reviewing the Academy’s knowledge of MABLE teaching, developing the skill-sets of all teachers to provide ‘up-to-date’ MABLE teaching.
  • Encouraging students to learn ‘beyond their subject’ when in class, by embedding ‘lead learner’ roles across the curriculum.
  • Involving students in target-setting and self-assessment procedures that will allow them to take an increased responsibility for their learning.
  • Involving parents in the process of MABLE provision through one-to-one contact with the MABLE co-ordinator.
  • Identifying underachievement early on and providing extensive MABLE mentoring for those students.

What can MABLE students /Parents do to further academic progress and well-being?
  • Parents can talk to their child about their learning and find out if they are challenged in lessons.
  • Do they enjoy their lessons? What could they do to improve? Attend clubs? Complete further research projects to extend learning?
  • MABLE students to take responsibility for their learning. Complete all home learning projects. Reflect and consolidate on their learning in each lesson.
  • Further their learning, by spending more time reading over work and creating revision materials. Such as extended reading, completing ‘MyMaths’ or other online resources.
  • MABLE students to set targets in all subjects and reflect on how well they are doing. Fill in the action plan provided; stick it on the fridge/ bedroom wall to record progress.
  • Parents to encourage praise and take time out to relax read together and visit places of interest. Learning should be fun.
  • After each data collection, you will receive a report on your child’s progress, a MABLE Newsletter, an updated action plan for your child to fill in and set new targets.
  • If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me 0208 803 1768 ext. 379 Miss Hall SLT MABLE Coordinator.