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English Additional Language 

Aylward Academy is committed to supporting students for whom English is an additional language (EAL). Over 80% of students come from ethnic minority backgrounds and over 70% have EAL. At the Academy we aim to ensure the following: 

  • To develop the cultural awareness of all our students.
  • A whole academy ethos of valuing diversity.
  •  Recognising and valuing the linguistic and cultural skills ethnic minority student’s bring to school.
  • Making appropriate provision for teaching and learning for students who are in the early stages of English language acquisition.
  • Identifying individual students’ needs, recognising the skills they bring to school and ensuring quality of access to the curriculum.
  • An ethos of aspiration, development and achievement for all students.
  • Providing a welcoming admission process, involving mother tongue support where necessary. 

EAL intervention at Aylward Academy covers a variety of skills based learning across various subjects. Students learn not only to improve their overall English language skills, but also how to extract information, identify key points and bond with other students who have a shared experience of being new to the UK.

One student wrote of his first day experience: 

At lunchtime I was on my own but found some Roman boys and spoke to them to. We became friends and I began to feel happy knowing I had people to talk to.” 

Once students progress in their English language acquisition, they graduate on to other EAL intervention programmes. Currently we have RML, Induction 1, Induction 1+ and ESOL running at Aylward. The aim is for all students to ‘graduate’ from EAL intervention programmes into mainstream lessons.