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Alpha Project

Alpha Project

This year at Aylward Academy we have made a lot of significant changes to our year 7’s. We felt that in order to continue our improvements in both academic achievement and behaviour in and around the academy we needed to place a huge focus on year 7’s. As part of these raised expectations we came up with our ‘Alpha Project’. The year 7’s are now called Alpha and have been given a whole new identity with expectations of every single child being higher than they have ever been before.

As part of this project we made significant changes; the first of which was to change the colour of the tie. This was done so that Alpha students can be easily identified around the academy if they need any support and also so that any unacceptable behaviour can be challenged and dealt with efficiently. Alpha students also benefited from an early lunch for the first term with us as this was an area that was identified as causing a lot of anxiety for both students and parents when they first come to secondary school. Having the early lunch has allowed them to learn the new routines, establish relationships with in the year group and given them a chance to find their way around the academy.

Another significant change made to Alpha was that students have been placed in forms of only Alpha students rather than into our vertical tutoring system that is used for the rest of the academy. This was done so that the sessions could be made much more relevant to students who have made the transition from primary to secondary school. We have covered topics such as road safety; which is hugely important as this is the first time for many students to make their own way to school. Bullying; this allows students to understand the effects that bullying has on others and also allows them to understand the consequences that will be put in place if anyone chooses to bully another student. We have also looked at the importance of e-safety and had a whole day as part of our academy days dedicated to educating students about how to stay safe on line and using electronic devices safely. This is an absolutely crucial area that students need to be educated on as smart phones, tablets and other devices that have internet access become more and more accessible to students.

One of the major events of this year has been our residential for Alpha students. This is the first year that we have taken students from our ‘year 7’ group away for three days. The students were informed at the beginning of the year that their place on the trip was dependent on their attendance and behaviour in lessons and around the academy. 90 students were taken to PGL Marchant’s Hill for three days in March this year where they experienced activities such as archery, zip wire, raft building, high swings, camp fire, orienteering and many other activities. Please click on the link above to see the film that was created of the visit. Due to how successful this trip was, this will now become an annual trip for Alpha students.

This year there have been major changes to the way that we help students adjust to life at secondary school, however, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make students’ experience as enjoyable as possible. There will be further changes made next year and you will be notified of these in the near future. If there is anything that you would like to suggest or any comments you would like for us to take into consideration, please contact Mr Hussain to discuss these. We look forward to seeing your child in September and becoming part of our new Alpha cohort!!