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Academy Uniform

Female Students

  • Straight leg black trousers (no leggings, skinny jeans or tight lycra trousers).
  • School kilt (black). Must be knee length.
  • Hijabs (head-scarves) and long skirts must be plain black with no designs or embellishments.
  • White shirts
  • Black leather shoes (no trainers or plimsols)

Male Students

  • Plain black trousers. Trousers with outside pockets or combat trousers are not allowed.
  • White shirts
  • Black leather shoes (no trainers or plimsols)

Uniform Supplier

The sole supplier for Aylward Academy uniform is:

Lyons School Shop,
242 Hertford Road,

Telephone: 0208 8043627



All students must carry a strong school bag, big enough to carry a planner, books and A4 folder, pencil case and PE kit.

Electronic Items

Mobile phones, ipods with headphones must not be switched on or visible in the building. If this rule is broken, items will be confiscated and may be placed in the school safe until parents/carers come to collect.


  • Coloured hair extensions, excessive hair colouring and excessive accessories will not be permitted.
  • Facial or tongue piercings are not allowed and only one pair of small ear studs can be worn.
  • Designs shaved into hair or shaved eyebrows are not allowed.
  • Make up cannot be worn.
  • Acrylic nails or brightrly coloured nail varnish will not be permitted.


  • Blazers must be worn at all times unless permitted to do otherwise
  • Outdoor coats must be plain black without hoods or any visible logos, outdoor coats are not allowed to be worn in the building
  • Hooded tops or hats are not allowed and should not be brought onto the school site
  • Black leather shoes must be worn, no long boots (females). Plimsolls or patent leather is not allowed
  • Trainers (i.e. Nike, Puma, Adidas etc.). and shoes resembling trainers will not be allowed. Stitching and or laces in black leather shoes must also be black.
  • Girls’ socks or tights must be plain black
  • Boys’ socks must be plain black