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Frequently Asked Questions

1           What are the different key stages where decisions are made?

In key stage 3 (Yr8) students will make decisions about the GCSE options for KS4 (Yr10 & 11)

In key stage 4 (Yr11) students will make decisions about the post 16 options including A level, BTEC and college options for KS5 (Yr12 & 13)

In key stage 5 students will make decisions about the post 18 options including whether to attend university, apply for an apprenticeship, gain employment or take up a training opportunity.

2          What if I am unclear about what I want to do as a career?

If you are unclear about what you want to do as a career, it is important to talk to somebody. A good starting point is to talk about your interests with your parents/carers, career advisor, family members, teachers and friends.

3          Will I be receiving some independent careers advice and guidance?

Yes. Aylward Academy has a contract with Enfield Career Services to provide independent and impartial careers advice and guidance. All students will meet with the advisor in years 10 to 13.

4          Will I be going on work experience at some point?

Yes. Currently all year 10 students go out of a two week work experience in the spring term. This is an important opportunity for students to engage with employers and to find out what the work environment is really like. Students are encouraged to find their own placements that meet their career aspiration.

5          What is a Plan B?

A Plan B is a backup plan. It is important to have a plan B so that if everything does not go to your first plan (plan A), then you already have a good idea on what you can do. This can help reduce stress, concern and upset. 

6          What if I don’t make the grades to go onto do what I wanted to do?

First thing is not to panic! You may at this point decide to go for your plan B. Alternatively you may decide to reseat some of the key exams which may be outside of Aylward Academy. It would be important to talk your options through with your parents/carers and the careers advisors or your teacher who would be able to help you explore your next steps.

7             What is a BA, BEd and BSc?

Each of the above acronyms are related to a bachelor degree which is the first degree that you study after school.

·         BA = Bachelor of Arts 

·         BEd = Bachelor of Education 

·         BSc = Bachelor of Science

  8          What if I do not want to attend university?

University is not for everybody. There are many pathways and options that you can choose if you decide not to go to university. These include an apprenticeship, training, technical college, employment or establishing your own business. A good starting point is to talk about your interests with your parents/carers, family members, teachers and career advisors.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question please us on 02088031738 careers team.