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The world is changing fast and to get ahead you need up to date skills. But you don’t need to sit in a classroom all day to get them – there are other ways of learning that could suit you.

An Apprenticeship is a real job with training so you can earn while you learn and get recognised qualifications as you go.  If you live in England, are over 16 and not in full-time education, you can apply.

They take between one and four years to complete and cover 1,200 job roles, in a range of industries, from engineering to financial advice, veterinary nursing to accountancy.

Read more about the different types of Apprenticeships and job roles available on the Apprenticeships website.

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Watch the video: Apprenticeships - A Better Future 

What are the key benefits of an apprenticeship?

Progress in your career: Employers recognise and value apprenticeships, so with hard work you could rise through the ranks quickly.

Achieve sought-after qualifications: Apprenticeships are the gold standard for work-based learning.

Learn job-specific skills: Learn from knowledgeable tutors and work alongside experienced staff to gain in-demand skills.

Earn a salary: The average wage for an apprentice is £170 per week.

Top quality training: Get on-the-job experience and off-the-job training.

Your career

Employers really value apprenticeships. They know if you’ve got one that you’ll have the skills they need, and as a result your career could progress rapidly.

You can collect UCAS points, study for Technical Certificates, go on to higher education at college or university, or work towards promotion.

Depending on your current skills and qualifications, there are three levels of Apprenticeship you can apply for:

    • Intermediate Level Apprenticeship (level 2)
    • Advanced Level Apprenticeship (level 3)
    • Higher Apprenticeship (level 4 or above)

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