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Parent Support

Parent Support at Aylward Academy

Hello, my name is Fatma Holdershaw and I am the academy’s full-time Parent Support Advisor. My role is to offer help, support and advice to all parents by:

  • Actively engaging with all parents and carers.
  • Meeting with parents who ‘drop-in’ for advice and support, helping smooth communication between home and the academy.
  • Holding regular parent coffee mornings.
  • Planning and delivering regular workshops for parents.
  • Contributing to ‘parent voice’ (e.g. Parents Working Group).
  • Supporting some parents on a longer-term basis, linking with outside agency support when required.

For more information or any of the above please call me on 02083503295 or e-mail me at

Parent Council Meetings

Parent council meetings are run twice a term. Everyone is welcome to attend. This gives parents the opportunity to meet with other parents in the community, members of staff at all levels, and to voice any opinions or concerns they may have. If you are interested in attending, please contact Mrs. Fatma Holdershaw, Parent Support Advisor on 0208 350 3295 or by e-mail

The following are dates for the parent council meetings taking place from now until July 2013

Aylward Academy is proud to announce that ZUMBA classes for parents and students are held in the Gymnasium every Wednesday at 6.00 p.m. This is charged at a very reduced rate and gives you the chance to meet other parents within the community. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Parent Council

The academy regularly meets with parents to work in partnership. Parents who have attended recent meetings gave their opinions on and took part in:

  • School behaviour policy
  • Development of the homework policy
  • Parent newsletter
  • Learning walks
  • From September 2010, this group will become the ‘Parent Council’ and have a direct link with school Governance. All parents are welcome to join the parent council.
  • Please register your interest with Mrs Holdershaw, the school’s Parent Support Advisor.


Minutes of the Parents Council meetings on Tuesday 9th October 2012

Present:        Mrs. S. Karava – Parent

                        Mrs. M. Ali – Parent (Student Support)

                        Mr. F. Rohomun – Parent

                        Mrs. K. Duck – Parent (Governor)

                        Mrs. S. Kullane – Parent

                        Mrs. A. Chandler – Parent (Casual Admissions/Student Support)

                        Ms. T. Elvidge – Parent

                        Ms. L. Foley – Parent

                        Mrs. M. Alyans – Parent

                        Ms. S. Cimen – Parent

                        Ms. T. Ward –Parent (Student Support)

                        Mrs. L. Clarke – Parent

                        Ms. F. Ereg – Parent

                        Ms. H. Abrahamson – Parent (Creche)

                        Mrs. S. Cubuk – Parent

                        Ms. Y. McIntosh – Parent (Governor)

                        Ms. P. Hamilton – Parent

                        Mrs. F. Holdershaw – Parent Support Advisor

        Mr. P. Robinson – Vice Principal – Community, Employability and Training.

Apologies:    Mr. P. Rattie – Parent

                        Mr. J. Apafo – Parent

1.    Welcome and apologies: as above

Collection of A.O.B.            End of Year Reports

                                               School phone system

                                               Helpline for Young People

2.    Terms of Reference:

Patrick read through the terms of reference, all parents agreed this was a good document, but one point was raised, this was point 3 of the key objectives, where parent governors provide support to facilitate other parents at the parent council meetings.

3.    Presentation of Results:

Patrick gave a presentation about the results.  Some parents were asking about certain subject results.

4.    Homework and Marking (Update)

There has been a lot of work focusing on homework, and a recent review carried out indicated that homework was being set more regularly and the marking had improved.  There will be a second review in early November 2012

The general feeling from parents present is that this year the setting of homework has improved, it was felt that the homework set should be recorded in the student planner and that parents should check the planners weekly. If parents sign the planners on a weekly basis this is evidence that the parents are aware of work being set. There is also internet homework, which means teachers can set homework via SAM Learning, students do the homework and teachers are able to check on the progress of each individual student.

Parents can write notes to teachers via student planners. One parent suggested that maybe students are rewarded for best kept planner and equipment.  It was also suggested that planners should be monitored as well as uniform

5.    Parent Council Actions :

  • Recruitment of year 7 parents – there is a year 7 meet and greet planned for 7th November at 4.00 p.m. and five members of the parent council as well as parent governor members have agreed to help with recruitment of new parents to join our parent council meetings.
  • Double A Parent Council Page – it was agreed that in the next edition of the double ‘A’ glossy magazine there should be a feature of the parent council meetings and discussions. Some parents said they would provide quotes for this page.

6.    AOB:

  • End of Year Reports: Patrick reported that every half term,  student attainment (e.g. current working grade) is recorded on the ‘SIMS’ data system. This data is used by the academy to track progress of students, support planning of lessons and to report to parents and carers.Two parents suggested that the reports were too complicated and asked if they could be simplified.  One parent felt that the data was not always accurate. Patrick suggested that this should be discussed further at the next Parent Council meeting and that representatives from the data team should be invited to attend.
  • Systems of communication (specifically the phone system): Some parents still felt that the systems to contact the school by phone were not effective as they were still having difficulty getting through. Although it was decided to discuss at the next meeting, Patrick said that he would feedback this information back to SLT before this.
  • Helpline for Young People : It was suggested that a pupil helpline be put into place, where students feel they would be able to talk to someone confidentially if they felt scared or had a problem after school. It was felt that Neil Standring from the police be invited to the next meeting to discuss the possibilities of this being able to happen.

Minutes of the parent council meeting held on Tuesday 20th November 2012

Present:        Mr. P. Robinson

                        Mr. J. Balon

                        Mrs. F. Holdershaw

        Ms. A. Chandler

                        Ms. P. Padaruth

                        Mrs. M. Mazzarella

                        Mr. P. Rattie

                        Mrs. K. Duck

                        Ms. T. Elvidge

                        Ms. L. Foley

                        Mrs. S. Karava

                        Mrs. M. Ali

                        Mrs. S. Cubuk

                        Mrs. S. Razzaque

                        Mr. J. Apafo

Apologies:    Ms. H. Abrahamson

                        Mrs. S. Kulane

                        Ms. P. Hamilton

                        Ms. M. Alyans

                        Mrs. L. Clarke

1.    Welcome and Apologies – as above

Collection of A.O.B. – None to collect

2.    Minutes of last meeting:

Patrick went through the minutes of the last meeting and all agreed that this was an accurate account of what was said.

3.    Reporting Processes

(A) Jan Balon (Assistant Vice-Principal, Curriculum and Data) went through the reporting system and data collection, explaining when data was collected and how often this was sent home to parents. He showed two examples of reports and asked for feedback from parents. The feedback received was as follows:

·         Explanation of the grades needed to be clearer.

·         Suggestions were made regarding layout.

·         Information on ‘minutes late’ was a good idea. Could this be included for individual subjects?

(B) There was further discussion regarding what assessments teachers use to arrive at the data and it’s accuracy.

·         Regarding accuracy, a lot of work has been taking place to ensure that faculties moderate assessments (e.g. tests, mock exams, coursework) so that all grades are in line. Following every half-termy data entry, every Head of Faculty attends a meeting with the Curriculum Team to discuss the data and further actions.

·         Mr. Balon also explained that the ‘Pathway System’ allowed for students who make rapid progress to move across (up) pathways based on their attainment and ability. This means that there is a system to ensure that all students are kept on the right pathway for them

(C) One parent explained how a parent data ‘portal system’ has been very effective at their child’s previous school. Parents were given a private ‘login’ which enabled them to access data on their child such as attendance and up to date assessments. Patrick said that one element of the new build was an opportunity to develop IT systems, including support for parents and carers. Patrick will feed this back to SLT Steering.

4.    Communication

Communication, especially systems of contacting the academy, was highlighted at a previous parent council meeting.

As a result, Patrick audited current systems of communication and presented these to the council. Key findings and suggestions were:

·         Parents felt that the text system was effective for key messages. However, there is no facility to reply.

·         Parents and carers trying to ring the school can be on hold for a long time. In addition, when connected, the calls are taken by reception staff who are in the public reception area.

·         In order to increase the number of ways in which parents can contact the academy (especially for requests for staff to contact them) a parent ‘email’ system was suggested. This would be set up for use by parents and would be checked daily and forwarded to the appropriate person.

It was pointed out that we always have two receptionists, and that it would not be unreasonable for the school to employ someone just to answer phone calls. Patrick said that he would forward this request to SLT steering.