The Academy will…

  • Contact home with any concerns regarding your child.
  • Regularly inform home of their child’s current academic data.
  • Do everything in its power to ensure your child is safe on the Academy site.
  • Issue detentions when necessary
  • Refer to external agencies if necessary (BSS, YEP, YISP, CAHMS). 
  • Monitor attendance on a regular basis.
  • Contact parent/carer using truancy call if absences are not reported.
  • Encourage good attendance and behaviour and reward your child when appropriate.
  • Send Penalty Notice Warnings and issue Parenting Contracts if Attendance or Behaviour cause a concern
  • Adhere to Government guidelines in relation to Behaviour and Attendance. 

Parents will…

  • Attend meetings when requested to by the Academy - if an appointment is inconvenient inform the Academy and always re-arrange
  • Inform the Academy of any medical concerns or outside agencies that may be supporting your child
  • Ensure Parent Pay is in credit to support your child in eating at lunchtimes
  • Support the Academy’s Policy in relation to Attendance and Behaviour
  • Notify the Academy of any change of contact details
  • Notify the Academy as early as possible on the first day of absence 0208 803 1738 x288
  • Provide supporting documentation for absences
  • Always attend Parents Evenings
  • Understand that they will be subject to a parenting contract if unwilling to support the Academies expectations
  • Co-operate in supportive external referrals when necessary equipment
Vertical Tutoring
  • Improve their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve their learning (support from older pupils).
  • Have better access to ‘mentors’ and ‘buddies.’
  • Develop appropriate friendships with other students.
  • Become ‘Active Citizens.’
  • Experience of ‘role-models.’
  • Develop skills of leadership.
At Aylward Academy, instead of students belonging to a tutor group consisting of their own age group, the make up of the group is mixed across all year groups. This means there will be students from Year 7 up to Year 13 in the same form.

The relationship with your child’s form tutor is important. As well as the daily tutor time (and assemblies), your child’s tutor is responsible for the academic mentoring programme, setting regular learning targets. Each college is named after a London University (many of whom we have strong links with), further supporting the academy’s expectations of pupil achievement.

Mobile Phones Policy

As of January 2012 we have established a policy of not allowing mobile phones anywhere in the Academy.

Any mobile phones seen, at any time, in any place, will be confiscated, and only returned to parents by appointment with a member of the Student Support Team.  The new rules on mobile phones come about for many reasons, including: improved teaching and learning environments; improved safety for all students by removing the risk of mobile phone theft and robbery; good order between lessons, at Break and Lunch times.

All staff will continue to support this ban throughout the Academy, and the Student Support Team thank students, parents and staff for their support of this ban. Any mobile phones confiscated after that day can be collected on  in the academy theatre after school at an arranged time.

Any students who have had their phones confiscated more than once will only be able to collect their phone at the end of term.

There will be no exceptions to this mobile phone policy.

Vice Principal, Student Support

The Aylward Way
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