Homework Policy & Practice

The Academy believes that homework is an essential part of being a successful student. Educational research shows that students who regularly complete purposeful homework which is well matched to their classroom learning, accelerate their learning by five months per academic year.

There are many purposes of homework, both in terms of the learning of content and development of skills. These include:

  • To consolidate in-class learning
  • To develop thinking skills
  • To be creative- homework doesn’t necessarily have to be with pen and paper
  • To improve ICT, literacy and numeracy skills across all subjects, and to be ready to work in the 21st century- students should have the opportunity to study ahead
  • To stretch students beyond the learning in lesson
  • To develop the independence and resilience necessary to be a successful learner

The amount of homework is dependent on the subject and year group. A guide per cycle is below:





English/Maths/ Science

2x 30 mins

2 x 45 mins

 Minimum of 12 hours independent work each cycle.

Creative Arts/ Business Enterprise/ Humanities/PE/ Languages


1 x 30 mins


2 x 45 mins

 At the beginning of the school year in September, teachers will nominate the days on which homework will be set in each class. This will provide each student with a personalised exam timetable.

Google Classroom

Students will be set homework and given additional study resources via “Google Classroom”. It is strongly recommended that students download the “app” for their phones or tablets. Students are able to log in as follows:



Year of entry to the Academy, surname initial

i.e. 16smithj


School password



Homework Club

Homework club runs every lunchtime in W107. Students have access to computers and will have support with logging on to Google Classroom, or with completion of any of their homework tasks. They can also use Homework Club as a study space. Students who attend regularly will receive a loyalty card and a chance to win prizes.


“Climbing Towards Excellence” Homework

At the end of each half-term, students will be set “Climbing Towards Excellence” homework, a day-by-day project to be completed over the holiday, for at least one of their subjects. Students are expected to attach all additional sheets neatly and to ensure that parents sign to acknowledge students have studied each day. This should be ready for collection on their first day back at the Academy.

 “Thinking Skills” Homework

Form tutors will set their tutees a “Thinking Skills” task for each break. These tasks are written in student contact books. These tasks give students an opportunity to “think outside of the box” and develop their creative thinking and independent learning skills.

Students should complete these tasks neatly on lined paper and have them ready for collection their first day back at the Academy.


Expectations of Students:

  • To bring your planner to school every day
  • To use your planner consistently to record all homework, including handing in dates
  • To use the planner effectively as a learning tool
  • To become an independent learner, and organise yourself to complete “Climbing Towards Excellence” and “Thinking Skills” tasks during the holidays
  • Download learning apps such as “Google Classroom” and “Duolingo” on your phone or tablet and use them regularly to support your learning
  • To bring the correct books to all lessons


 Expectations of Parents/Carers:

  • To check your child’s planner on a daily basis
  • To sign your child’s planner weekly
  • To sign all tasks completed for holiday “Climbing Towards Excellence” projects
  • To engage with your child about the content of their homework
  • To provide suitable working conditions at home
  • To contact the Academy in the event of homework issues
  • To support your child to ensure that they bring all necessary books and materials to the Academy

Expectations of classroom teachers:

  • To set appropriate homework as per the homework timetable
  • To acknowledge or focus mark all written homework
  • To ensure that homework is clearly labelled as such in books
  • To give students homework that extends their learning


 Expectations of tutors:

  • To check and sign planners weekly
  • To set and monitor completion of “Thinking Skills” homework
  • To liaise with a director of learning/Head of College where appropriate where there are concerns with a student’s organisational skills

Parents should support their child and the Academy by checking the diaries regularly and by asking to see their child’s homework once completed and even helping them complete aspects of it if their child is having difficulties.

If you have any concerns about your child’s homework or if you require any additional support, please do not hesitate to contact me: smee@aylwardacademy.org