Continuous Professional Development

At Aylward Academy our staff are always learning and rethinking ways in which they teach. We offer a whole range of opportunities for staff to develop their practice and have a large number of staff that plan and deliver these sessions for their colleagues.

Lots of teachers have completed LiLaC – Language in Learning across the Curriculum – which is an accredited course that focuses on specific Teaching and Learning strategies to support our students having access to the curriculum from a language point of view.

We also have some of our strongest teachers delivering sessions on how to use the interactive whiteboards effectively to engage pupils, how effective marking can develop the learners’ understanding of their work and what they need to do to improve and how active learning techniques can allow all pupils to engage in their learning and make good progress within lessons. Every Monday and Thursday.

day these sessions are run after school. Staff attendance is good. We are very proud of the CPD programme that we offer and are proud of our staff. Teachers have to be learners if they are to get better. Our pupils deserve the best and our teachers are always aiming to become just that…the best.

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Monday 4th January


Monday 11th January

NQTs:  Jazz up your lesson 1


S2 S3 S4 S5 S6


Monday 25th January

NQTs: Feedback from lessons observations


S8 Part 2


Tuesday 02 February


a)             Interventions: New Arrivals and Planning lessons NK SG31

b)             T&L in the 6th Form:AO2 in the classroom

DB H102

 c)             Literacy for Learning: Modelling: how to model good reading to the students H113


d)             The Google Classroom W106


e)             “Life without levels” session 2



 f)              The Aylward Citizen Working-Party




a)             The Teaching and Learning Aylward Approach: session 2

  H105  NFA


Setting expectations



Monday 8th February

LILAC  session 4 

Module 3: Oral language how the task shapes the talk

a.     Language: a tool and an object

b.     Oral language in context and application of the functional model of language

c.     Examining language use in classroom-based activities



Summer Term 3



Monday 20th April

 Lilac  Module 4: Using oral language

  1. Talk as performance
  2. Deconstruction:

Key nouns and the notion of information density

  1. Listening tasks: an invaluable tool towards Talk as performance

Tuesday 21st April  

TLCs: feedback and next steps

Monday 27th April

NQTs: Jazz up your class session 3 NFa W103

Tuesday 5th May


·         6th Form T&L: Deconstruction of essay titles H102 DB 

·         The Aylward Citizen working party: planning for effective VT H103 

·         Performing Arts across the curriculum, part 1 H105  LW 

·         Literacy for Learning: Literacy review and working party ideas  MB H204 

·         Moodle Beg part 1 W106 SM 

·         Moodle Adv part 1  W102 BA 

·         Well-Being and Support: Restorative Justice and solutions-focused interventions H108 HH 

·         Talk-less teaching part 1 H106 NFa 

·         MLDP: why changes? YS H113 

·         Interventions : TBA

Monday 11th May

Lilac   Module 5: Working with visual and written texts

  1. What do we mean by semiotics?
  2. Symbols
  3. Tokyo tube map
  4. Audio and video advert
  5. Pariseetomol

Schematic structure and genres across the curriculum

Tuesday 12th May

TLCs: how did they do? How do we do?

Monday 18th May

 NQTs: Jazz up your class session 4 NFA W103

Monday 1st June


Lilac Module 6: Working with written and visual texts at the text level

  1. Identifying textual organization
  2. Focusing readers on the structure of the text

Focusing readers on the language of the text

Monday 8th June

Lilac  Module 7: developing knowledge of genre and language at the language level

  1. Moving along the register continuum
  2. Nominal group card sort-forming sentences
  3. Nominal group table and activities
  4. Using nominalisation in the classroom


Tuesday 9th June

TLCs ( time redeployed )

Monday 15th June

NQTs: Contributions to the AA CPD Newsletter W103

Tuesday 16th June


·         6th  Form T&L: Nominalisation/ Foregrouding how to make your point succinct DB H102 

·         The Aylward Citizen working party: planning for effective VT H103 

·         Performing Arts across the curriculum, part 2 H105  LW

·         Literacy for Learning: Literacy review sharing good practice ( Dear; written and communication skills  ) H204 MB 

·         Moodle Beg part 2 W106 SM 

·         Moodle Adv part 2  W102 BA 

·         Talk-less teaching part 2 H106 NFa 

·         Interventions: TBA 

·         MLDP: TBA

Monday 22nd June


Monday 29th June

Lilac  TBA

Tuesday 30th June

TLCs: evaluation and plans for next year

Monday 6th July

Lilac  end of course presentation

Thursday 9th July

NQTs: Appraisal, what is next? SH W103

Tuesday 7th July


·         6th Form T&L: Thinking skills like a specialism , balancing AO1 and AO2 DB H102 

·         The Aylward Citizen working party: planning for effective VT H103 

·         Performing Arts across the curriculum, part 3 H105  LW 

·         Literacy for Learning: Literacy review finalised policy review H204 MB 

·         Talk-less teaching part 3 and evaluation H106 NFa 

·         Interventions: TBA 

·         MLDP: TBA

Monday 13th July

NQTs: Reflection Time NFa W103