Dear Parent,

I am writing to inform you about a new Behaviour for Learning system that we have introduced to the Academy. It is a system that all teachers are using to reward good Behaviour for Learning.

After meeting with staff and pupils about what they regarded as good Behaviour for Learning, they agreed on the four following areas.

At Aylward Academy pupils and staff will:

  1. Be punctual to all lessons
  2. Have the correct equipment for all lessons
  3. Demonstrate genuine effort when completing our work in all lessons
  4. Respect the learning and views of all in all lessons

If students do these then they will receive a stamp in their planner. If they make mistakes and turn up late then they get a warning. If they then break another of the above rules, then they get a second warning. If they get a 3rd warning in any lesson then they lose their stamp. Each stamp is worth 3 VIVOs and your child’s Tutor will total the VIVOS for the end of the week and put them onto the VIVO MILES website.

There will be award assemblies at the end of the year for those students who have achieved 90%+ of Behaviour for Learning VIVOS.

I believe it will help improve behaviour in all classrooms and will also reward those pupils that do the right things every day in every lesson.

As parents the planner, and the number of stamps that your child gets each week, informs you how well your child is doing in lessons. On a very simple level if your child has a stamp then they have had a good lesson. If they’ve lost the stamp then they haven’t.

Please support us by checking your child’s planners regularly to see how many stamps they have and ask them about why they lost their stamps in the ones that are empty.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Nathalie Faverjon – Vice-Principal Teaching and Learning 

Please see below attachments for further information

B4L Letter

B4L assembly Pupils