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Press release for GCSE results 2015

Aylward Academy:  Press release for GCSE results 2015

 Aylward Academy is “over the moon” with its year 11 GCSE results this year. With educational rumours about grade boundary changes and harsh marking, the teaching staff arrived at the Academy on Thursday biting nails and looking more than a little anxious.

“The entire profession is nervous on results day and we have a year 11 group that arrived at Aylward five years ago with quite low KS2 scores,” Mr Gillard, the Principal, said on his arrival just before 7am.

Two hours later the Academy was awash with year 11 pupils, either enrolling for the sixth form, having photographs taken with their teachers or generally sharing their results with their friends.

The Academy maintained its attainment which is fantastic news as the cohort of pupils was less academic than previous years. The progress that the pupils made was certainly the highlight of the results. In English and Maths just under half of the entire year group made exceptional progress. This goes down as the most impressive progress that the Academy has recorded since it began in 2010.

A beaming Mr Gillard said, “An academy, school or any educational establishment can only be truly measured on the progress that its pupils make from when they arrive to when they leave. 47% of our pupils made outstanding progress in both Maths and English. I am so proud of this figure. It’s wonderful that so many pupils did well in the two key subjects. Science has done extremely well as well; in fact all the subjects have pushed the pupils to make super progress. I couldn’t be more pleased or specifically more proud of the staff at Aylward and the pupils of the class of 2015!”

Aylward enters the next academic year buoyant and optimistic. Mr Gillard said as he left the Academy, “the results for 2015 on the whole are extremely pleasing and we look forward to 2016 when we believe our students will continue helping Aylward go from strength to strength.”