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Miss S Simjee

Head of English

Mr A Radmore

Second in Charge English

Mr S Athwal

Second in Charge English/KS5 Coordinator

Mr R Sfarijlani

Head of Maths

Mrs A Sulanki

KS5 Coordinator

Mr A Ching

KS3 Coordinator

Mr A Moquith

Head of Science

Ms S Nelson

Second in Charge Science

Ms S Steele

KS5 Coordinator

Mr N Rodaway

Head of Humanities

Miss R Islam

Head of Religious Studies

Mr P Spain

Head of Geography KS4

Mr R Worrell

Head of Geography KS3

Ms E Kelday

Head of History

Miss H Elmi

Head of Citizenship

Ms M Morgan

Head of Social Science

Miss E Soyal

Head of The Arts

Miss L Hall

Head of Drama

Mr M Steven

KS5 Coordinator

Miss H Ramos-Gonzales

Head of PE

Mr S Harneiss

KS5 Coordinator

Miss N Kouzoupi

Head of Business Enterprise

Miss L Ali

KS5 Coordinator

Mr M Kara

Head of Languages

Mr J Hamerton

Head of Technology

Mrs H Graham

Head of Catering

Miss M Lunn

Head of Music

Mr T Freeman

Head of Media

Ms N Khan

Head of EAL

Mr F Hussain

Curriculum Leader 2 Bridges/IECs

Mrs A Karim

VP - Curriculum and Assessment

Ms S Dolor

Director of Learning Y7

Ms J Lusardi

Director of Learning Y8

Mr J Radmore

Director of Learning Y9

Miss M Regan

Director of Learning Y10

Miss J O'Gorman

Director of Learning Y11


Mr M Wright

Director of Curriculum of Learning Sixth Form

Mr F Hussian

Director of Teaching of Learning Sixth Form