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Three Part Offer

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The ‘Three Part Offer’

Narrowing the gap to develop successful young people

  • No student leaves the academy as NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).
  • Students develop the skills of ‘employability’ so that they achieve the most appropriate pathways to further education/employment (EET).
  • Students, parents/carers and the local community are given greater access to learning and experience of employment through vibrant ‘Community Learning Hubs’ 

How Aylward Academy actions the ‘Three Part Offer’

  • Enhanced CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance)
  • Targeted Intervention
  • Curriculum Development
  • Enterprise and Employability Projects
  • Community Learning Hub

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

  • Effective ‘baseline’ monitoring to assess need.
  • Enhanced CEIAG programme which enables all students to access and investigate their individual career pathway (Careers Advisor, ‘Drop Days’, IT packages).
  • Tracking of students’ destination  (for a year after leaving the academy) to ensure and sustain appropriate EET (Education, Employment or Training)
  • Career enrichment and experience opportunities (e.g. work experience, holiday ‘placements’ with link businesses, ‘Carillion’ apprenticeship programme

Targeted Intervention to support students’ ‘at risk’ of not moving onto appropriate EET (sustained for 12 months from leaving the academy)

  • Early identification of students ‘at risk’ of not moving onto appropriate EET.
  • Working in partnership with existing services (e.g. Enfield Careers Service) and funding streams.
  • Commissioning of additional services and activities as required (e.g. PALS, AKD, Army recruitment).
  • Regular tracking (e.g. ‘Pathway Reviews) of students who have left the academy.

Curriculum Development

  • Introduction of industry recognised qualifications within existing curriculum offer (CISCO modules into Post 16 IT curriculum offer).
  • Working with subject leads to further enrich vocational offer (e.g. work placement modules, first-aid courses, coaching courses.
  • Introduction of new curriculum strands which further support vulnerable groups of students. (e.g. Post 16 ‘Vocational Hub’, ‘Alternative KS4 Pathway’).

Community Learning Hub

  • Parental ESOL classes
  • Family ‘First Aid’ programme
  • Parent/Carer representative and consultative groups (e.g. ‘Parent Council’)
  • Active involvement in the ‘Edmonton Schools Partnership’
  • Working strategically with ‘Extended Schools’
  • Development of out of hours learning opportunities.


  • Students supported onto appropriate EET:  September  2011 – 274
  • 2.5% NEET (7 students)
  • EET – Education, Employment or  Training
  • Same cohort moved onto or sustained in EET September 2012 – 276 - 1.8% NEET (5 students)
  • National NEET figures Aug 2012 (DFE) 
  • Age 16-18: 10.3%