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Olive Dining - Menu

Olive Dining is proud to be the chosen caterer at Aylward Academy. We have a proven track record of providing nutritious food that students love to eat! Each school that we cater for is treated individually so that the Aylward students will be spoilt for choice with our food offer designed specially to suit their requirements. We know that there is proven links between regular good nutrition and attainment in school so our offer starts at the very beginning of the day, before the lessons have begun.

    · 7.30am-8.20am

Breakfast- serving an array of hand held hot items with juice or a hot drink for 50p

    · 11.10am-11.30am

Morning break- A variety of healthy snacks and drinks to stave off the hunger pangs. Prices range from 40p-£1.40

    · 12.45pm-1.20pm

        Lunch- A choice of traditional meals and our unique fusion bar

        £2.30 Hot meal deal which includes a main meal plus a choice of dessert or drink.

        £2.30 Cold meal deal which includes a choice of premium baguettes plus a cold dessert or drink.

If your child has any specific needs or you would like further information then please do contact us.

Tel: 01959 564700