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Health and Safety

At Aylward Academy the health, safety and welfare of all our students, staff and visitors is of paramount importance to us. We take that responsibility very seriously and as Director of Support Services I ensure my team put it at the heart of everything we do and we work very closely with staff to ensure activities/lessons are risk assessed not to curtail the learning experiences of our students but to ensure they are carried out in a safe and secure manner. We also strive to ensure the building and all the equipment on site is maintained by competent and suitably qualified contractors.

The Health and Safety responsibility falls not only on my department but all colleagues at Aylward Academy. Both, teaching and support staff strive to create and nurture a positive culture of Health and Safety.

As parents and carers I would always seek your support in reinforcing to your child the importance of following procedures and policies and ensure they conduct themselves appropriately. 

Elena Moriatou

Director of Support Sevices

Please read our Health and Safety policy here